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Our administrative and clinical team is second to none. 

Exemplary Healthcare

Our mission is to empower individuals to lose weight and to reward them for keeping the weight off. Our purpose is to establish and maintain high standards of quality care while delivering on our core promises.

RealWeigh™ delivers easy access to modern medicine’s best products and services from industry leaders that share core values of honesty and integrity.

The RealWeigh™ Program?

We specialize in the treatment of obesity, metabolic imbalance and related overweight disorders. The RealWeigh™ Program is a time-tested medical protocol that safely restores your metabolism to an optimal state. Developed by real physicians in the course of treating more than 25,000 overweight patients during two decades of clinical care, the RealWeigh™ Program offers a proven safe, rapid and lasting weight loss experience. 

  • Highest quality products and services
  • Highest quality medical staff and facilities
  • Highest quality patient care and customer service
Our Purpose
RealWeigh™ Medical is a provider of high quality medical services that include well trained licensed physicians and other healthcare professionals who specialize in treating obesity, overweight and related disorders. As providers of high quality healthcare, we see the effects of obesity on our patients’ health on a daily basis, and we are determined to help them enjoy a higher quality of life. Our services and associated products are an important part of the equation.
Our Promise
We provide impartial access to health care, regardless of race, creed, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, physical impairments or religious preference. We treat all patients with dignity, respect, and courtesy. Patients and their families will be involved in decisions regarding their care to the extent that this is practical and possible. We will inform patients about therapeutic alternatives and the risks associated with the care they are seeking.

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We Specialize

In Weight Loss

RealWeigh™ combines modern medicine with prescribed nutrition, exercise and financial motivation to deliver the fastest, safest and most rewarding weight loss experience.


Diet Medications

FDA-approved, safe but potent weight loss pills.

Expert Doctors

World-class physicians with decades of experience.

Metabolism Shots

Powerful, long-acting B12 and energy injectables.


Modern medical equipment and 3D body imaging.

Fat-burner Injections

Fast lipotropic fat-burn  plateau-busting shots.

100% Guarantee

Money back customer service guarantee.

Real Doctors
Real Results
Real Value

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